From the Founder

It’s not enough for something to look clean,” “I cannot unsee something,” and “Details make the difference.” These are a few of the mottos this crazy dog loving mother of four (both kids and dogs 😉) lives by. Has it drove my family nuts? YES! But these are things my clients sure appreciate.

Hi, I’m Tam Maddock and if I’m being completely honest, I’ve known some things about myself for a very, very long time. No matter my workload, or as a kid, homework load, if my workspace was chaotic I had to stop and get organized first. I also have an emotional connection to “clean”, it makes me happy and leaves me feeling like I can do anything. The smell of cleaners makes me giddy! Going back to my mottos, things must FEEL and SMELL clean or they simply are not clean! If I see something under the fridge or couch cushions, it’s got to come out so I can get to it! If there is one something there, there are other somethings under there. In event planning and interior decorating, the details make the design. From proper people flow to styling that is unique to each individual, these touches make it memorable.

Home Etc. provides residential cleaning, design, property management services, and all the rest (that’s the Etc. part 😉). We’re honored to be invited to care for your home!